Women are wearing TIES

Yes, Women can wear ties! 

I have worn ties for years. Many images of women wearing ties is a source of inspiration.

For the fashion and style conscious woman out there, here is a place you can come to get style ideas and fashion inspiration for those of you interested in women's ties. Some of these images of women wearing ties are older or classic, but women wearing ties will always be a style pushing the edge of fashion. 

A traditional tie/bow tie can replace wearing a necklace, brooch or a scarf!

You can also pair a tie with:

dress, shorts, skirts, jeans or jazzy dress suit.

Yes you can wear a tie to an AFTER 5pm event!

Just DO IT


Be imaginative!

You can also use/wear a HAIR TIE as a replacement for a neck tie/see example below. NO one will know...sssshhhhhhhh

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