Infatuation Jewelry was established in 2009

I was a full-time image consultant with a ton of ideas. 

My male/female clients loved the "accessories" and the concept/approach I used to accentuate specific outfit choices.

It allowed my clients to think out of the box or the "Norm"

If you're conservative you can become A ROCK STAR with how you choose to accessorize...smile

The accessories you wear will change YOUR ENTIRE LOOK as a male or female.

Wearing "accessories" whether it's a watch or hat, or your favorite earrings it will further emphasize your personal style, taste, and preferences.

Accessories can present endless opportunities for outfits while helping you make the best of each and every item you own.

You're creating YOUR OWN style and not fitting into the "Worlds interpretation of being STYLISH "so why not create your own TREND!

Our appearance has an impact on how we come across to people. It gives an impression of who we are. 

The type of accessories we enjoy wearing will depend on our wardrobe personality.

A nice belt will make an average pair of trousers or skirt look look more expensive. Its the same method used with wearing cuff links on a shirt (and YES women can wear cuff-links)  

Infatuation Jewelry is a "lifestyle" 

Thank you and I invite you to become "INFATUATED"